Believe me, it just happened! It just doesn't exist! Seven reasons why we cheat

The I am still sexy adventure

That happened: Wow, how long has it been since someone touched me so passionately? At home it is always nice in bed, but exciting passion looks different. First he showered us with compliments, whispered little in our ears. How it feels! As if we were in the body of Samantha from "Sex and the City". That's how you have to feel as a woman. That can't be bad.

And now? There you have it in a nutshell. The perennial problem of long relationships: Something that you don't have always seems attractive. It only really tingles because everything is so new. There are probably enough compliments at home, but they simply go down between everyday noises. And this is exactly where the injustice towards one's partner lies: what he offers, perhaps in a unique way, takes a back seat to the artificially created tension of an affair. There is nothing wrong with compliments from others, but they do not have to end in "blunders".

The mood was too good story

The affair: good music, a great evening and then a glass or two of sparkling wine - it happened! Instead of celebrating on the dance floor, we continued to celebrate in his bed. But it was also so much fun, because it would have been a shame to simply let the good mood fade away. Nobody remembers a New Year's Eve without rockets.

And now? Yes, sometimes sex is actually like a party. But a one-night stand also causes at least as many headaches as a night of drinking. There is at least aspirin for the hangover - the bitter aftertaste of an affair does not even go away after brushing your teeth. So it's not really worth it! The only right thing: hold on to the drink the next time instead of the person next to you.

The I pay it back story

The affair: he cheated on you. It hurts. Even if he assures you so credibly that it means nothing to him, our hearts have been torn to a million shreds. We'd like to forgive him and trust him again, but it's so damn hard. Now we only think of one thing: like you to me, so I to you!

And now? We want him to feel what we felt when the little hearts had to laboriously gather us together again? Then we are in good company. About 30 percent of women who have been betrayed want an revenge affair. And honestly: That can actually be the right thing (the emphasis is on "can"). Even experienced therapists say. Because it helps some women to meet the partner again at eye level and to pave the way for the relationship again.

The I want to leave affair

The affair: Actually everything is right in our relationship. You are considered a happy couple. So why did we cheat? Could it be that our subconscious wants to tell us something? For example, that we are no longer sooo happy in our relationship? Why else would we be so open to another guy.

And now? This is the classic. Now we should think carefully about how we do it. Because if we continue the affair, it could turn into a mud fight, should our lies come to light. Let us rather deal openly with hidden conflicts. Then hopefully we will quickly notice whether we might want to stay or really go. And then we should draw a clean line. Our partner deserves this.