You don't want to approach your partner for no reason or accuse him without reliable evidence? Are you afraid that you are imagining all this because you have been disappointed in your past? Get clarity with these measures. This is how you find out whether your partner is really cheating. They are suitable if you already have a suspicion and are only looking for the ultimate evidence to confront your partner.

Be extra careful

In everyday life we tend not to notice unusual details or to quickly forget them for self-protection. But if you already suspect that your partner may have cheated, you should keep your eyes open for evidence.
Do you find hair in your bed that cannot possibly belong to you or have you recently noticed a different smell in your apartment? Your suspicion may be well founded. Forgotten clothing or jewelry can also be evidence of a foreign visit.

The test situation

Do you suspect who your partner might have been cheating with? Put him in a situation where the two get together and watch their behavior. If it is as usual and their behavior seems natural to you, you can put your suspicions aside. If they suddenly ignore each other, although they have always spoken openly to one another, your suspicion is well founded.
This test situation is helpful if you suspect your partner may be cheating with someone you know. This method can also be used when a colleague is suspected.

The loyalty test

Everyone knows it from movies and shows: the loyalty test. A woman puts her friend on her partner, or a man hires his buddy to flirt with his partner. It should be tested whether your partner gets on it and there is a risk that he will become unfaithful.
Of course, it should not go so far that the partner sleeps with the decoy. But this way it can be found out whether he would in principle be willing to cheat. A subsequent confrontation with the partner should lead him to confess that he has cheated before.

Ask the all-important question

You suspect your partner that he cheated and are just waiting for him to confess? You have given him subtle clues and have recently started to behave differently towards him? That doesn't mean that he'll confess everything to you. Even if you try to make him indirectly admit his mistake for so long, it is not a guarantee that he will do it. So ask him the all-important question: "Did you cheat?"

Even if your partner doesn't tell you where he was, you can still ask him. If he dodges you, keep asking and especially ask for details. If he starts to waver and repeatedly answers your questions with a “I don't know anymore”, you should disclose your suspicions to him. Look him straight in the eyes and ask if he cheated on you. Try to stay calm and ask him to be honest.

Use the CheaterKiller test

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