It can, but it doesn't always have to be something wrong in the relationship if one of the partners cheats. If an opportunity arises or an encounter with a person is very intense, a devoted mood can arise, which makes the thoughts of the partner disappear. In such situations, your partner decides whether to surrender to the moment or to control himself.

If your partner is really looking for an affair or just can't stay loyal when he gets sex offers, you can't prevent that. Then he is simply not the right one for you. But there are some measures that can at least prevent cheating due to dissatisfaction in the relationship. We have put them together for you.

Communication and honesty

If something is bothering you in your relationship, you should always address that. This way you prevent yourself or your partner from becoming dissatisfied and possibly playing with the idea of cheating. Sit down and think about what you can do to improve your situation. No part in a relationship should be disadvantaged.
It doesn't have to mean that you don't fit together when many things bother you. It is quite normal that you have to get used to each other in a relationship and compromise. For this reason, you should communicate everything that is important to you. To be happy with each other, you should constantly work on your relationship and not take it for granted.

Show appreciation

If the partner's self-confidence is not improved, but possibly even worsened, this can also be a trigger for cheating. The affair is then a source of confirmation and appreciation.
Therefore, make sure that you show your partner that you value and respect him. Don't criticize him too often and show gratitude when he does something for you. Have confidence in his skills and plan something special for him from time to time. A partner who feels worthless has a clue to seek recognition from others.

Bring some momentum into your sex life

Another way why your partner cheats is dissatisfaction with your sex life. Of course, you shouldn't do anything you don't want him to do, but you could ask what he wants. Perhaps you even have the same preference but so far have not dared to talk about it. Take the initiative and make sure that your sex life is as beautiful as possible for both of you.

If you have been together for a long time, you can also ensure satisfaction with your partner by bringing some momentum into your sex life. As a woman you can surprise him with beautiful lingerie or sex toys, for example, as a man you can plan a romantic evening with a massage. Do you know your partner's special fantasies? Does he like role-playing games? Fulfill him or her from time to time - so your sex life remains exciting and your partner does not even feel the need for sex with someone else.

Make agreements

Most problems in a relationship arise because one of the partners starts with something that the other does not see. It is often the same with cheating. For some, a kiss on the cheek is not worth mentioning, for others it can make them mad and it is a reason for a big argument.

For some couples, it is even okay to issue a free ticket in between so that the partner can let off steam on vacation, at festivals or at a party. Some may think to themselves that this is not normal. But for every couple, 'normal' is something different. So clarify exactly with your partner what is okay for you and what is a no-go. Be honest so that there are no nasty surprises that endanger your relationship.