According to estimates, every second person has cheated before. Many infidelities remain secret. But there are indications that can indicate that the partner is having fun somewhere else. We asked a couple advisor which ones they are.

The reasons for an affair are very individual. Most of the time, however, they have a common trigger: "The unfaithful partner is looking for a form of intimacy, closeness, confirmation or recognition that he supposedly did not find in the relationship," says the couple advisor and relationship coach Eric Hegmann.
"Nobody should think: this only happens to other couples. The figures are clear. It can hit any couple. "

Recognize signs of an affair

But what indications are there that indicate the partner's infidelity? We have summarized some of them for you.

Changes in cell phone use

The most noticeable change is the change in smartphone usage. If the partner suddenly carries the cell phone with him, looks at it again and again or makes a caught impression and then quickly puts it aside, you should become aware - especially if he has not shown this behavior before.

Suddenly an intense body care and a new fragrance

Changes in personal care can also be suspicious. Especially if they are suddenly and thoroughly carried out: a more thorough or frequent shave is just as important as a new perfume or increased and more intensive body care.
Even if a floral scent blows around him after working overtime or if she smells conspicuously masculine after meeting her friends, you should be aware: Caution should also be exercised if he said to have been playing soccer with his friends, but the sports equipment is unused in his bag. Or suddenly she takes the sexy underwear on business trips.

Other signs may include:
  • exaggerated styling - often to look younger
  • unusual behavior - more frequent gifts for no reason, increased dispute
  • changes in sexual behavior - no more desire or excessive sex drive
  • increased absence - going for a walk alone or more trips alone and with friends that have not been done before