Signs of Infidelity & Cheating

Especially in times of relationship issues or when you have to find out that your partner has changed a lot, many people have doubts about their partner's loyalty. With the increasing uncertainty, the urge to know whether the partner is actually cheating is growing. But which signs of infidelity suggest that the partner could cheat? We will tell you 10 signs of infidelity & show you how many people doubt the loyalty of their partner.

Of course, none of the signs described here alone suggest that the partner could cheat. Rather, it is a combination of the signs of infidelity, which indicate that the partner is actually cheating. Ultimately, it is always the gut feeling that you should rely on.

10 signs of infidelity

1. Our gut tells us if we are being cheated

Our gut feeling tells us that we are in love because we literally feel the butterflies in our stomach. On the other hand, we often feel uncomfortable when we suspect that we are being cheated on. However, we tend not to allow this feeling. Our head tries to persuade us that we are imagining everything and it is not as it seems. We don't want to admit it and avoid the real problem. People who have been cheated on repeatedly report an uncomfortable and dull feeling in their stomach that tells them that their spouse isn´t loyal.

Let us listen to our belly again, because it was the first thing that showed us that we were in love.

2. Increased personal hygiene

Often you have to find that your partner changes positively when he has an affair. Even men who don't otherwise make a special effort suddenly place more value on their appearance. This often resembles the courtship behavior of a peacock, which presents its colorful plumage and forms a large fan to show off its decorative feathers. The spouse doesn't do anything else either: he stands in front of the closet and admires himself in the mirror to select exactly the outfit that shows him at his best. Often, lot of expenses or effort is given to invest into new clothing, to take good care or to go to the hairdresser more often.

If you find that your spouse attaches more importance to his appearance, you could also pay attention to whether this only affects certain days. Especially on days when he / she meets his / her affair, he / she will pay particular attention to how he / she presents himself.

3. Unfaithful or workaholic ?!

Most people typically work 40-50 hours a week, meet up with friends every now and then, may still be pursuing their hobbies, and the remaining time is devoted to their family. Of course, the partner's schedule quickly shakes if he / she cheats. For this reason, it is often pretended that more overtime has to be done. If your spouse gets a higher position in his company, this can of course be justified. But if he / she should not receive time compensation or more salary for several months, then one should thoroughly ask what the real reason for the overtime is.

4. Affairs cost money: Increased money withdrawals by men

An affair is usually associated with eating out, buying small gifts and even spending hours together in a hotel. All this costs money. And sometimes it happens that a man sits with his affair while eating out and has no cash with him. In order not to get into an embarrassing situation, the EC or credit card is now pulled out. Women who have a joint account with their partner or have access to their account can very easily use the settlement to determine whether extraordinary payments have been made. The increased withdrawal of larger amounts of money can also be an indication that he is cheating - especially if he cannot explain what he specifically spent the money for.

5. Sudden fantasies or less sex

The main reason for having an affair is that sexual adventures are sought. And it is precisely in this early period of the new affair when new fantasies may arise and that things are tried out that would not have been theoretically or practically possible in the actual relationship. Generally people tend to want to experience things they like over and over again. The question that arises for the partner at the moment is: should he be satisfied with the worse sex if he can have a better one?

This is the point at which the partner wants to avoid the worse sex or simply wants to improve it, so he avoids sex with the actual partner or transfers the newly gained fantasies to his sex life. The result is that you have to realize that you have less or almost no sex with your partner or that he / she suddenly wants to try new things.

6. Friends know

Men find it much more difficult than women not to tell anyone that they are cheating on their partner. They tend to be unable to keep their new love affair entirely to themselves. This is partly because he wants to present his manhood to friends and partly because best friends have to serve as an alibi. It is often forgotten that the slightest carelessness can lead to everything being exposed.

If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you and using certain friends as excuses, ask these friends specific questions. The more you go into detail, the faster the lying framework collapses. Then there are the friends who have a guilty conscience. If the friends, who are used as excuses again and again, avoid you or cannot look you in the eye properly, then try to find out why. Direct confrontation often helps here.

7. Increased cell phone activity

Dates have to be agreed and this usually happens via mobile phone, emails or via the Internet in general. If the partner writes constantly and waits for messages or hides the cell phone or turns away when you are nearby, then it stinks from afar that something is being hidden. Another indication can be that the partner takes precautions so that you can no longer look into his cell phone. He suddenly has a different pin or unlock code or changes it. If you express your concerns and ask the partner to rebut them by giving a look at the cell phone, then normally they shouldn't mind. If it is a problem, then the question is "why?" And most of the time it is the case that the partner has something to hide.

8. Affairs bring changes in interests

Interests may shift in the course of a partnership, and sometimes new interests may arise with a new type of relationship. The partner suddenly does more sport, is interested in a new style of music, goes out more often, etc. No one has sudden changes by coincidence - you always need an input. People that surround you often provide this input because they shape you. Should an absolute inactive person unexpectedly be interested in sport or should the partner suddenly be interested in topics that he / she otherwise did not like, then this naturally raises questions. And the first guess it will be quite certain that there is a fresh new wind in his / her life. There are hardly any other possibilities, unless he / she is in a self-discovery phase or turns his / her entire life upside down.

9. Remorse after the affair

If he / she cheats on you, it may happen that he / she arrives at the point where he / she feels guilty. This remorse may lead him / her being particularly committed, friendly and possibly even more generous towards you. This can also be done in the form of gifts. Ultimately, these gifts are only compensation payments. Played friendliness, excessive commitment and gifts that have never existed before can be an indication that he / she is cheating.

10. Increased criticism

If the partner has an affair, then he / she must be dissatisfied with anything in the relationship. It can happen that the partner finds properties during the affair that you do not have yourself. And as everything is so positive for the partner at the beginning, he / she will tend to hide the bad qualities from his affair. This is the moment when he / she criticizes you more. Your bad qualities come to the fore and become a problem for him / her. The good qualities suddenly no longer matter and are therefore no longer praised.

Are your doubts really justified?

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